Light-duty 2T landing jack

Trailer light-duty 2T landing jack Model : CD2TStatic load capacity (t/set) : 3Lifting capacity (t/set) : 2Ratio Gear (mm/r) : 2.25Travel Max (mm) : 706Standard Weight (k

  • Brand : TYM
  • Model No.: CD2T
Trailer light-duty 2T landing jack
Model : CD2T
Static load capacity (t/set) : 3
Lifting capacity (t/set) : 2
Ratio Gear (mm/r) : 2.25
Travel Max (mm) : 706
Standard Weight (kg/set) : 12
 Features of landing legs :
1) Lead screw is rolled forming from extra-duty feature steel
2) Gears are made of high grade forging steel
3) Dimensions of connection meet the TTMA and AAR specification
4) Lead screw nut applies floating construction, easier for lifting and longer persistence for use
5) Static load, lift test and drop test according to ABS specification
6) Double adjustable transfer real power in low gear
7) Spline slight, easy operation